TAXATION OF PROFESSIONALS New Regulations TAXATION OF PROFESSIONALS – New Regulations Starting from January 1, 2024, the implementation guidelines for the “Income Tax” law come into force. The published guidelines in the Official Gazette, through concrete examples, specify that under the new law, employment income will be taxed at progressive rates of 13% and 23%; net business income will be … Read More

SIMEST: Support without guarantees for Entrepreneurs in Albania and Kosovo


Simest, thanks to the possibilities offered by the Relaunch Decree, notwithstanding the current legislation, until 31 December 2020 will not require any guarantee for the companies that will apply for a subsidized loan aimed at the internationalization of their company.

The Subsidized Loans are granted up to 25% of the turnover value (with a limit of 2.5 million Euros), with a duration of 6 years, one of which is pre-amortization, at a symbolic rate equal to 10% of the Euribor, and thanks to the important derogation now in force, no guarantees are required to support the repayment of the Loan.

Sectors of interest


Investing in Albania, which are today the successful sectors? Foreign direct investments in Albania in 2018 reached the share of 7.4 billion with Switzerland as the main investor, followed by Greece and Italy which is the main trading partner, ranking fifth for FDI.

Electric energy


Albania among the first in Europe for the lowest price of electricity! In recent years, the price of electricity has increased due to the commitments of the use of renewable energy sold at prices higher than the energy produced from other energy sources.

The “Mini Schengen”


The leaders of three Balkan countries, Albania, Serbia and North Macedonia, have signed an agreement for the creation of a free trade area for people, goods, capital and services, modeled on the Schengen treaty now operational in Europe.