Jared Kushner Roars in Europe: Investing in Albania and Serbia with Arab Funds, Guided by Richard Grenell




Jared Kushner, son-in-law of former President Donald Trump, is on the cusp of finalizing substantial real estate deals in Europe, focusing primarily on Albania. Reports from The New York Times indicate that Mr. Kushner's plans in the Balkans have gained traction due in part to the relationships forged during his time in the White House.

As a former "Senior Advisor" alongside his wife Ivanka during his father-in-law's presidency, the forty-three-year-old has disclosed his involvement in European projects with Richard Grenell. Grenell, who briefly served as the acting director of national intelligence under Trump and held ambassadorial roles, including special envoy for the Balkans, has been instrumental in advancing these initiatives.

Kushner's ambitious endeavors in Europe include the development of an expansive 1,500-room hotel in Belgrade and the transformation of an island near the Albanian coast into a luxurious tourist destination. Additionally, he aims to contribute to the growth of the Albanian town of Zvërnec by constructing hotels and luxury villas. To bring these significant real estate projects to fruition, Kushner is leveraging not only Richard Grenell's support but also securing two billion dollars from the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund.

"We are genuinely excited," remarked the forty-three-year-old. "While we haven't finalized these agreements, our diligent efforts have brought us to the brink of success."

After departing the White House, Kushner founded his investment firm, Affinity Partners, capitalizing on the relationships cultivated during diplomatic negotiations in the Middle East, including a close rapport with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. This strategic approach enabled him to secure substantial investments not only from Saudi Arabia but also from funds in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Grenell's continued mediation in the Balkans has further facilitated Kushner's endeavors.

As Kushner advances these projects, he emphasizes the benefits they will bring to local communities, partners, and investors. While some critics express skepticism about the Trump family's business activities in Europe, Kushner asserts that these investments are meticulously planned and will have a positive impact on various stakeholders.