Albania’s Progressive Leap: A New Tourism Law for Enhanced Growth and Sustainability





Albania's government recently passed a progressive tourism law, replacing the outdated 2015 legislation. The Minister of Tourism and Environment highlighted the need for this update, emphasizing a vision aligned with the current state of the tourism sector. The new law, developed in consultation with industry stakeholders, aims to address emerging market realities and meet evolving consumer demands.

The legislation introduces formalization mechanisms, responding to increased demand and informal practices. The government has streamlined bureaucratic procedures, ensuring fair market competition and implementing taxation measures. Finance Minister Ervin Mete underscored the importance of fiscal clarity, aiming for a fair contribution from the tourism sector to both the economy and the state budget.

The proposed law facilitates interactive collaboration between the Council of Ministers and the tourism sector, intending to establish a methodology for optimal utilization of accommodation structures based on seasonal variations. Furthermore, the Ministry of Finance will provide clear guidelines for landlords and platform users, encouraging collaborative efforts to fulfill tax responsibilities.

Significantly, the law addresses the taxation of apartments and villas, introducing new concepts and classifications for accommodation structures. This forward-looking approach positions Albania to enhance its tourism sector positively. Entrepreneurs are now required to apply for a categorization certificate within 30 days of registration, contributing to a more organized and vibrant tourism landscape.